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Rich, Colorful, High Quality Teslin Cards

-Teslin is a special kind of plastic developed by PPG. It is a little thinner and more pliable than standard PVC Plastic cards, yet it is more durable, and from a design standpoint, much higher quality. Teslin Cards are produced in large sheets that are then cut away by a press. This makes Teslin a perfect option for those looking for abnormally shaped cards or card and key tag combos. Teslin cards hold in ink much better than PVC, causing Teslin cards to really stand out with bright, vibrant colors. Teslin cards are commonly printed for the library market as well as the gift card and business card markets. These cards are the highest quality printed plastic available, and with the ability to custom cut all cards into any shape necessary, Teslin is definitely the preferred choice for anyone looking for something unique, customized just for your business.

All of our Teslin card printing is done at our Tulsa, Oklahoma office where our highly trained workforce produces the highest quality plastic cards on the market. Teslin's best uses come out of gift cards, business cards, library cards, and key-tags.

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